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United States Air Force: Welcome

United States Air Force is one of the fittest fighting force in the world. Their motto ‘Come fly into the blue’ defines their entire mission and vision. From the very beginning, it has flown countless sorties in hundreds of mission and has been involved in war zones, peacekeeping missions, helping people in natural and manmade tragedies and tracking down drug traffickers. Etc.

Coming under the department of defense, The United States Air Force employs many able and brilliant mean and women. Though pilots are just some of the air force jobs that one can apply for. There are other air force jobs that one can also apply for. These are for ground staff, for the technical wing of the United States Air Force, the maintenance staff and others who provide valuable information and intelligence to the Force.

The pilots who are trained under the United States Air Force are very prized and can certainly get other aviation jobs in related fields. Many veterans have become instructors or have also shifted to flying civilian and commercial aircrafts. Many pilots and others in the United States Air Force and Air Force Reserve like to stay in touch with their old colleagues and friends with the Free buddy finder site

Even those who have been in other air force jobs apart from been pilots are readily sought after in the world of aviation and aviation jobs. Job listing for United States Air Force and Air Force Reserve can be easily downloaded from their website and other federal job listings site. Information about job listing can also be discussed on the Free buddy finder site.

Air Force Reserve is also comprised of many brilliant men and women and they have helped in many civilian as well as active duty time and again.


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